Today has been ok.

I’ve had a particularly difficult time today. Ive only been out of bed twice.

Lying in bed all day drives me crazy. I tried to sleep off the boredom. But I was hurting too bad to get any sleep. I distracted myself by rereading some of Pride and Prejudice. I also watched the 2005 version of the movie on cable. I watched Oprahs show about puppy mills. I cried hysterically, like I always do when watching things of that nature. Now Im flipping back and forth between HGTV and the Lord of the Rings.

Judge me if you will. HaHa. Anyways, just had to take a break to rest on my way back from the bathroom. Thought that I may as well record this awful day and how my body is rebelling.

My doctor called last week to tell me my white blood count was way to high due to the prednisone, and told me I needed to cut down to 18.5 mgs a day as oppsoed to 20. I couldnt be any more ecstatic about cutting down. Except what happens whenever I do. I feel like crap. I hate my steriods. But I cant live without them. Lord, will this ever end?

Ok, too much typing for today. Everything aches. I hurt all the time! Can anyone else possibly understand this?


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