Not so new anymore

Ok, the swollen feet thing is getting annoying. It’s been happening too much lately. Last night they swelled up  when I was up cooking dinner. Even though I was on a stool. If I’m sitting at the computer too long they swell. I drove across down to the grocery store and they were too swollen to get out.

Ugh. Also, I’ve been getting delinquency notices from my doctors office. And calls, and more letters. I’m on a payment plan, and have been making payments, but the billing office keeps claiming they haven’t received anything in months. My doctors office has told them that I have. But I’m still getting harassed for $700. If I hadn’t been making payments for months, then my tab would be way higher than that. They keep threatening to turn it over to collection. Ha! They don’t know my credit is already way past repair. Whats another mark against me? I don’t care!

Which obviously isn’t true. But its easier to think that than worry. There’s nothing I can do right now. I just need to hang on. Just long enough to get some help. I still haven’t heard anything about my court date. It’s been a month. I hope its not much longer. I cant afford another doctors visit right now. Im already past due for my labs this month. But I dont have the $250.


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