What I’ve been up to

One of my best friends came to visit over the weekend. She is amazingly cool. We have been really good friends for years. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding last summer. She moved a few states away with her new husband and this is the first time I’ve seen her.

It was really awkward.

She told me about her awesome job writing and editing for a magazine. She just got back from a trip to Europe with her husband and in laws. She tried to play it down by telling me nothing really exciting happened. Then asked me if I had any good stories ( I used to have the best stories. haha)

Unfortunately the best thing I could come up with was that my sister’s dog ate my neighbors cat.

That’s right. An entire year apart, and that’s what I had to show for it. A story about the weird cat obsessed neighbor. She told me I sounded like her mom. Always complaining about the neighbors cats. Yea, she’s probably right. My chronological age may be 23 but apparently I’ve turned into an old woman who sits at home all day watching her soaps.

Another friend of mine moved to D.C. Another one is going to law school. Me? I spend my days talking to my dog. And complaining about the neighbors cats.

Before I got sick I had planned on studying abroad. I always made very good grades. I always worked very hard. I should be the one moving across country. I always wanted to move away from here. But it looks like I’ll be stuck here for awhile.

Next week me and my older brother have to sign another years lease. Who knows, maybe the dog will get out again so I’ll have another story for the next time I get a visit.

Oh, and I don’t really watch soap operas ; )



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