Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dieting II

I’ve actually managed to gain another seven pounds.

Skirts are no longer an option because the stretch marks are now very bad behind my knees and now reach half way down my calves.

I no longer own a bra that fits. I never thought I’d be annoyed by rapidly expanding breast. If it wasn’t for the stretch marks I wouldn’t be.

I am now down to 5 mg of Prednisone and I am miserable. I cant move. I hurt. And I’m heavy. So far the diet has not been successful. I’m going to keep trying.

I have a doctors appointment in a couple days. I cant wait to hear about all the things I cant afford to do.

On a lighter note, my feet stopped swelling.



6 Responses

  1. I will say that I just stumbled onto your posting as I also have RA. I was diagnosed with severe RA about 3 years ago and I thought it was the end of the world. I was told to get in to see the FIRST Rheumatologist that I could because time is important. Unfortunately, the first one was a quack. After months with him, he told me to consider a hip replacement and that my elbow (I couldn’t bend it) would never be better. At that point, I decided that a second opinion was probably a good idea.

    My current doc immediately suggested the biologics. I choose Remicade because it is considered a procedure and not a prescription. After my deductible kicks in at the first of the year, it cost me about $50/month with my insurance (Humana). With the MethO, I spend less than $1,000/year. Every time it cost a little more, I view it as a car payment. “Would you pay that much for a new car?” I ask myself. Than I ask myself if I would pay that much to walk.

    All in all, for 54 year old, I’m in great shape and look forward to each day. Good luck to you.

  2. I too was recently diagnosed with RA and started a blog to help get us together. Wow! I’m glad to hear about others like me.

  3. greenone,
    I would love to read your blog sometime. Could you give me a link?

  4. I am feeling so similarly! I have been off pred for a few months now, but I continue to gain. I eat less, workout a few times a week, but still gain. And now I’ve got little stretch marks. Gross! I would be a lot happier with the weight gain, if I was feeling better, you know? You probably do! Good luck with the weight loss.

  5. Mine is RA Living at http://raliving.wordpress.com/
    I’m learning a lot about the various drugs from the blogs. So far, I’ve only tried 2 plus the Prednisone. To no avail.

  6. Sorry, computer trouble for me today. Fisrt I replied with my other blog name, the I accidentally erased the post…. Anyway, my blog is RA Living and I am also heavenabove.

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