The storm is finally passing…..

I hardly have words for such wonderful news. I’ve never cried out of relief before. This big black cloud I’ve had over my head for the last few years is finally going to go away.

I officially have health care coverage.

Lets just let that sink in……

I have health care coverage. I now have medicare and medicaid.

Can anyone understand my relief? The weight being lifted from my shoulders?

I’m going to be able to get medicine whenever I need it. I can start physical therapy.

I’m going to be able to have Xrays. I’m going to be able to have my swollen neck looked at. I can have cortisone shots in me other knee.

I can go to the dermatologist! I can have my hypothyroidism treated. I can go to the dentist! The eye doctor! I can have real blood work done.

I don’t have to beg my family for money every month. I don’t have to be a burden on everyone I know.

I cant believe that after over three years with this disease I will finally be able to be treated like I need to!

Now I just have to wait on my card. The social security administration sent it along with my official acceptance letter to a very old address. For no apparent reason. Hopefully it will still be forwarded to my sisters address.

I’m so excited. I AM SO FRICKIN EXCITED!

Life is going to be so very different for me soon.


4 Responses

  1. This is wonderful news…I’m so happy for you.

  2. Wow, I do not know how you have managed for 3 years without it. Thank goodness you will have it now.

  3. That is wonderful news. I am so happy for you!

    I was on State health insurance when I was dx’d with RA and I know what a relief it was when I got really good insurance thru my job.

    Again- Congrats!

  4. Well Im going on state health care now. But its better than nothing! 🙂

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