How rude!

I decided to go to the local health and human services office yesterday to see if they could give me a temporary insurance card while I wait for the one from social security to make its way through the mail. I hate going in there. The people obviously hate their job and don’t want to be there.

So I signed in and the lady in the front made a copy of my driver’s license( it was taken when I was 18 and tiny) and said it would take about an hour. So I sat down to wait. A few minutes later another woman came in and picked up the paper and looked around the waiting room and I was the only one in there. She sat down. About 40 minutes later she held the sheet up and said ” This isn’t you, is it?” I said yes it was and I was waiting for a temporary card.

She just looked back and forth between the paper and said “What happened to you?”

I just sort of stared at her in shocked. Muttered out something about weight gain and being sick and then went and sat back down. I was so embarrassed. I don’t know if she knew how f-ing rude that was.  She said it all sickly sweet and pityingly. Bitch.

And after all that, they couldn’t even find me in the system. So I called S.S. They said I’ve been covered since the beginning of June. But I’m not in the system yet. That doesn’t even make sense. Bleh. I’m supposed to try again Wednesday.

It was a really crappy day. But when I got home and weighed myself I saw I’ve lost 4 pounds! Ahh! I actually lost weight! I haven’t lost weight in like a year. I dropped my prednisone from 5mg to 2.5 several days ago. I haven’t told my doc yet. But I’m actually losing.


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