Rheumatoid Arthritis and Stress II

I’m in for a very stressful next few days. My brother and I are moving.

Last year the town I live in built an apartment complex for low income renters. Its not like anything else that’s available. Its very nice. They have a certain minimum monthly income you have to meet. Which is also good. They say it keeps crime down.

The day I found out I would be getting disability, I called them to see if they had any two bedroom ground floor level apartments available. They said they didn’t have anything at all available and that there was quite a waiting list. She told me I could bring in a deposit if I wanted to be placed on the list.

The conversation went something like this

Me ” No that’s ok. I really am going to need a downstairs apartment since I’m handicapped. And I think it would take far too long. Thank you though.

Her: “Really? Hang on one second” She placed me on hold

When she returned she said ” You wont believe this but we do have one two bedroom ground floor handicap apartment. The current owners are moving out in August, and the people who were supposed to move in didn’t bring their deposit in on time, so if you want to bring it now, the apartment is yours”

Amazingly good luck, right? So of course I did.

Here are a few reasons why I am ecstatic to move.

#10 I wont have to worry about our lawn anymore. I wont have to pay someone to weed eat and rake, etc.

#9 We will be within walking distance of a large retail grocery store.

#8 We will be within walking distance of my pharmacy. My brother will be able to pick it up for me.

#7 The neighbors cats wont be making babies under our house at 3 o’clock in the morning.

#6 The neighbors cats wont be defecating on my porch.

#5 We will no longer be living next to the car stereo and tint shop who plays rap music as loudly as possible well past midnight. In fact, I hear bass as we speak. Instead we will be surrounded on all sides by large empty fields.

#4. I will have my own bathroom. And there will be a garden tub so I will finally be able to soak my knees( The bathtub here is tiny and my knees wont bend under the water. Also, it runs out of hot water quickly.

#3 There will be a large swimming pool and hot tub. There are already two little old ladies who use the pool early in the morning for their water aerobics. The were in the office when I filled out the paperwork, and said I could join them. Haha.

#2 It will be much less expensive. We will not have to pay water or gas. Just rent and electricity( which should be much more reasonable than this old poorly insulated house). It gets very hot here. I think there have been 30 some odds days this summer with temperatures over 100 degrees. So needless to say, I’m unhappy with the current electrical situation.

#1 People will not come to my house at all hours of the night looking for K-dogg and G-Money so they can buy dope.

I’d like to elaborate on my number one reason I’m glad to leave. Apparently the previous renters of this property were widely known for their dope selling. Almost immediately we had….. how should I say it? We had some of societies less….valued members knocking at our door all the time. The worst time was shortly after moving in. I heard a pounding on the door. It woke me up immediately. It also woke my dog up and she started barking incessantly. We have two front doors. One leading to my bedroom, another leading to the front door. He was banging on my door. I knew no one I knew would be banging on my door without calling first, so the first thing I did was check to see that both doors were locked. Then I peeked behind the blinds and saw a complete stranger. His ensemble consisted of extremely baggy pants, an over sized white tee shirt, and white sneakers. Typical I would say. He saw me look and started yelling and jiggling the door knobs to get in, then he took off. I grabbed my cell and hobbled to the back door. I don’t think I’ve moved so fast in years. Talk about adrenaline. I had been bed bound for the whole day.

I could see before I got to it that the back door was unlocked! I had told and told and told my brother to keep them locked. I got to it and quickly bolted it. The scary part is that the back porch is screened in with walls of windows, and the backdoor that leads to it had a huge pane of glass. We hadn’t put curtains up. The door that leads from the back porch to the backyard is only a screened door, and if you tug on it it will open. Regardless of whether or not it’s locked.

I dialed 911 as soon as I got to the back door. The operator was so sweet. Got my information and stayed on the line. The cops were there in about one minute. I was shocked. The caught him in my backyard. Im sure he was going for the back door. The operator gave me his name. Carlos something. Asked if I knew him. I did not.

The cops came in afterwards to get a statement. I asked them if he was on crack or something. They said no, but he was intoxicated. They took him “downtown” Haha.

Since then we’ve had loads of people knocking and asking for K-dogg or G-money. I swear to god. I couldn’t make it up. The situation could not be more stereotypical if I tried. Usually I just tell them wrong house and they leave without trouble.

One night we had two visitors, one guy knocked and asked for them so I told him he had the wrong home. He was very nice. Said he was from the circus that was in town. (That’s right. A genuine Carney came to my house! How exciting.) He apologized profusely for bothering me and letting my dog out.

I sat down afterwards but apparently forgot to lock the door. I heard another knock about an hour later. Before I was even out of my chair, someone walked into my room! I just stared at him. He was a very angry looking young gentleman. I asked him what he wanted. He said he needed to talk to g-money. I told him it was the wrong house, and he turned around and slammed my door and stormed off.

That’s when I decided to leave when our lease was up. Conveniently enough, it was up in August.

So here we are. Schedule move in day is Monday. Unfortunately I have a doctors appointment at 7:15 am, and physical therapy at one. It should be ok though. I have labeled everything very specifically.

I have several strong guys lined up. They have been promised beer and pizza. We have been packing for two weeks. A little bit at a time.

I’m rather excited but I am dreading the level of stress that I am sure will accompany this. Wish me luck!


Physical Therapy Week 3

Everything is progressing fantastically.

I’m somewhat confused though. From the knee down, everything is getting straighter. But from the knee up it still looks like I’m preparing to jump. I don’t get why that isn’t straighter yet.

Nevertheless, I looked at my knees in the mirror today, and laughed a bit. But it was a good laugh.

Physical Therapy Week 2

Well I completed another week of physical therapy. Ive very proud of myself. I’m been doing the exercises as much as I can at home. And Friday I actually felt the bottom half of my calf muscle touch the examining table! I gasped out loud. She thought she hurt me, but I was just shocked. She started me on a bicycling routine. Its just the pedals that sit on the floor. It hurt really bad when I started, but the more I did it the less it hurt. I did it for 5 minutes straight. I found the perfect song to listen to while cycling( I bring my mp3 player) The Beatles Obla Di Obla Da. Life goes on. Yea. Lalalala Life goes on. Nice and upbeat.

So here’s the newest pic.

 You cant see much difference. But I feel the difference. My hips havnt been hurting as much. I’m really glad to have finally started this.

Physical Therapy Week 1

I finished my first week of physical therapy. I’ll be going three times a week for six weeks. We took it fairly easy this week, but it was no picnic. I havnt hurt this much since before steroids. But its different this time because I know the pain is actually accomplishing something. Every bit of pain brings me closer to my goal. I’m going to post a picture of my knee. This is after my first week of therapy. I’m a bit embarrassed by it, but I’d like to have a record of it.

That’s me standing as straight as I can. We’ll see how far therapy will get me. My therapist says she should be able to get them much straighter. I’m a bit doubtful of it happening in six weeks,( especially with the swollen knees) but I’m still hopeful.

I’ve noticed just a tiny bit of improvement to my left knee. Its not in the picture. She was able get it to lay slightly flatter on the examining table.

P.S. Taking pictures of my knees was awful. I never see myself from that angle. I was so disgusted with body. But I’m still very happy right now. Because I’m actually able to do something about it.