Physical Therapy Week 1

I finished my first week of physical therapy. I’ll be going three times a week for six weeks. We took it fairly easy this week, but it was no picnic. I havnt hurt this much since before steroids. But its different this time because I know the pain is actually accomplishing something. Every bit of pain brings me closer to my goal. I’m going to post a picture of my knee. This is after my first week of therapy. I’m a bit embarrassed by it, but I’d like to have a record of it.

That’s me standing as straight as I can. We’ll see how far therapy will get me. My therapist says she should be able to get them much straighter. I’m a bit doubtful of it happening in six weeks,( especially with the swollen knees) but I’m still hopeful.

I’ve noticed just a tiny bit of improvement to my left knee. Its not in the picture. She was able get it to lay slightly flatter on the examining table.

P.S. Taking pictures of my knees was awful. I never see myself from that angle. I was so disgusted with body. But I’m still very happy right now. Because I’m actually able to do something about it.


One Response

  1. Do not be disgusted with your body. Loving it will help improve the healing process of your knees. If you believe that it will heal, it will.

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