Physical Therapy Week 2

Well I completed another week of physical therapy. Ive very proud of myself. I’m been doing the exercises as much as I can at home. And Friday I actually felt the bottom half of my calf muscle touch the examining table! I gasped out loud. She thought she hurt me, but I was just shocked. She started me on a bicycling routine. Its just the pedals that sit on the floor. It hurt really bad when I started, but the more I did it the less it hurt. I did it for 5 minutes straight. I found the perfect song to listen to while cycling( I bring my mp3 player) The Beatles Obla Di Obla Da. Life goes on. Yea. Lalalala Life goes on. Nice and upbeat.

So here’s the newest pic.

 You cant see much difference. But I feel the difference. My hips havnt been hurting as much. I’m really glad to have finally started this.


6 Responses

  1. congratulations! You really have progress.. Good luck on the next step.. Love that song too.. 😉 Life goes on.. 😉

  2. Have you tried bromelain supplements for inflammation?

  3. Yes I have. I’ve tried most things. Ha.

  4. How about tumeric?

  5. Hmm. No, I havnt tried that one. Is it any good?

  6. Yeah, I’m going to have a post on it this week.

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