Medical Update

I’ve had three issues in the past couple of weeks.

One being frustration with my pharmacies. Another being frustration with my body, and the last is complete sadness about my doctor.

I’ll start with my pharmacies. I had too order my Enbrel through a pharmacy for the first time. I never expected it to be so complicated. I had to wait until my blood work came back to see if she wanted me to continue on it. She decided to keep me on it for the moment. My doctor sent it to my usual pharmacy. I called to confirm that they received it and to see when it would be and how much. They said they didn’t have it and would have to order it. Since it was a Friday, and Monday was a holiday, they said they couldn’t order it until Tuesday, and expected it by Thursday. Which would make it roughly over two weeks since my last shot.

I called every other pharmacy within thirty miles and no one had it in stock. Surely its not that uncommon?  I decided to stick with my usual pharmacy because I had never had any problems with them.

So the next Thursday I called them to check on the order and they said it wouldn’t be ready until the next day. I called back then and they had the nerve to tell me that they couldn’t carry Enbrel because they were not a specialty pharmacy. So they apologized and said they would fax it to the specialty pharmacy in town.

I had called them before and new they didn’t have any in stock. And since it was a Friday, they couldn’t put the order in until Monday, yadda yadda. So I called them Wednesday, and they said they never received a fax. Then my regular pharmacy said they never had the prescription on file! So I start talking to managers and I’m not happy because it’s been three and a half weeks since my last shot. Lo and behold, a miracle. The previously lost prescription appeared out of thin air. It was re-faxed, and of course, I had to wait for them to order it.

Well Friday came along again, and I went to pick it up. I gave them my insurance card and they said ” okay, that will be $1,793. I swear to god, I started laughing uncontrollably.

I called my insurance and they said they didn’t have my records updated with my income( which is insane, since I wouldn’t qualify for the insurance unless they had my income!) They had to update my file, which takes roughly one week.

I couldn’t make this up. I had been in touch with my doctor about it, and they didn’t have any samples, but pulled some strings, and eventually got ahold of two shots. So it put me at one whole month without my Enbrel. That’s not even the bad part. Onto my second complaint.

The blood work my doctor ordered in the first place came back with a problem with my liver functions. Which has never happened. So she cut my Methotrexate in half, cut my pain pills completely. Said to go back up on prednisone( I had finally gotten down to one milligram a day! GRR!) She wanted to keep me on Enbrel for the moment because she didn’t want to change anything while shes trying to figure out what caused the liver problems. So then I went a month without Enbrel too! Bleh.

The worst part is that I went in for new blood work yesterday and they told me my doctor was no longer with the clinic! I was devastated. That will be the third change in doctors in a year. My first doctor decided to leave, and trained a P.A. and that is who I’ve been seeing and she has been amazing.

Since there have been some changes in the clinic, there are three new doctors, and they decided they that they didn’t want the responsibility of a P.A. and they fired her. With no warning!

Now I’m going to have a new doctor that I’ll see next week. And its partly her fault. Bleh. It was just so nice to have a doctor who I knew actually cared and would go beyond her duties. I have no idea what this new lady is like. If I don’t like her, then I’m going to somewhere else.

My sister works at a hospital and several doctors have told her to tell me to go to one that’s about 65 miles from where I live. The one I go to now is about thirty, and is the only one closer. So I think I’ll go for it.


3 Responses

  1. I am sorry to hear that this went on. For your pharmacy to say that they “couldn’t provide Enbrel because they were not a specialty pharmacy,” doesn’t make any sense, any pharmacy can order Enbrel?!
    Secondly, for the pharmacy that gave you a price, how ridiculous to not give you an explanation.
    We have created to help because your story is not uncommon. You are very much NOT ALONE in the trials and issues of trying to simply obtain a better quality of life.
    I hope that the road gets easier for you and best of luck to you. If I can help please let me know

  2. I thought that sounded fishy! I didnt understand why they wouldnt be able to order it. Sometimes I’m amazed at what comes out of people’s mouths.

    I really like the idea behind your website! I’ll check it more closely soon.

  3. I just wanted to let you know. The reports of Enbrel causing cancers, infections, and sickness are all true. I started Enbrel in 2006 and did about 30-40 treatments.

    I suffered an Enbrel-related miscarriage and cancer of the placenta in September of 2007. I then began getting ear infections that would not go away and that lasted about four weeks, then turned into a full-blown pneumonia that did not go away for two months, even after multiple antibiotics, including IV antibiotics.

    I then tested positive for Tuberculosis too. I’m just telling you, Enbrel is as equally dangerous as it was beneficial for me. I just want you and everyone else to know what I went through so maybe you don’t have to go through it too.

    Eisy Murphy

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