Computer woes

My computer is falling apart.

Out of 6 USB ports, only one works, and I have to use it to plug in a mouse, because the port were I usually plug in my mouse isn’t working either. I tried to charge my MP3 player, and it froze. It has now been frozen for two days( the MP3. Not my computer) On top of all that, the computer wont read any Cds.

The last person to work on it said it was only a matter of time before it crashes completely. A problem with the motherboard apparently? He said if he was me, he would buy a new one. I was a bit suspicious and asked him if he happened to sell computer. He doesn’t though.

And there’s definitely no money for a new one. Especially since I had to spend so much to get this one going again. Which I wouldn’t have done if one of the three people who worked on it had said there was no point.

I have a feeling there may be a long hiatus soon.


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