Good times a comin’

I did want to at least let everyone know how much better I have been doing. In fact, I feel better than I have in years. And I’m on an almost non existent dose of Prednisone.

It’s all thanks to the Enbrel. In the last six weeks or so, it has finally started doing it’s job! Haha.

I received a comment from a woman who was warning people about the risk associated with the drugs. She developed cancer from it, so she is obviously very concerned about it.

In fact, it touched me so much, I debated about whether or not to even say how wonderful it has been to me.

I know the risks involved, and I’m not in any way downplaying what happened to her, because I know it was horrible, and I understand why she would be against it. But it’s still a risk I have to and am willing to take.

Because my quality of life is changing sooooo much for the better. I’ve gone from almost bed bound, to the point where I am now. I’m actually getting out occasionally and visiting friends and family. I went on vacation! ME!

Even a few months ago, it was torture, absolute torture to even get to the bathroom. I’m not saying this for pity. I’m saying it because its a fact. My larotab dosage has gone from  20mg a day(that didn’t even kill the pain. Just took the edge off) to almost nonexistent. I think I’ve taken a dozen 5mg tabs in the past six weeks.

I’m starting home physical therapy now. My knees are stuck at a 29 and 31 degree angle. 100 is completely straight. So my knees are stuck at about a third of the way bent.

I’ve been walking flat footed! For the past couple of years, I’ve had to walk on tip toes to keep my balance.

I don’t think I can possibly put into words how amazing these little things are.

I babysat today and I actually picked up a 3 year old and carried him kicking and screaming to his room. I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two years ago I was babysitting and broke down crying when I couldn’t lift a 7 month old baby out of her crib.

I can get out of bed in the middle of the night. There is still pain. But bearable pain.

I’m very happy right now.

I’ve been looking into finishing school. I know I’m not ready yet. But maybe by Fall 2009?

In fact, I think if my knees were not so bad, I would find R.A. to be something I could live with. Of course, its not easy, but after the HELL!!!!!! of the past three years, I’m finally finally FINALLY feeling like I can do this!

So hell yea for HEALTH INSURANCE! I still know I would never had had to suffer like this if I had it. HELL yea for physical therapy. And HELL YEA for Enbrel!


2 Responses

  1. This is excellent news!!!!! Yay for you. Feeling good and accomplishing things is always a happy feeling.

  2. Hello Friend I just wanted to let you know how your writings have encouraged me. I will be praying for you and Jesus is a healer!! God bless you and even though you have been through such trials and tribulations, Jesus loves you and has not abandoned you. I am believing and standing in the gap for your healing. You have touched me life and I thank you very much.

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