I’m still amazed

I’m still amazed what a difference insurance makes. I just bought my months supply of prednisone and methotrexate. They used to run me about fifty dollars(which I didn’t always have).

It only costs me $2.10 now. 

I haven’t been sent any obnoxious-ulcer-inducing bills in months. Now that I’m receiving SSD I don’t have to sit and worry about how I’m going to have enough to eat and also see my rheumatologist. No more decisions of whether or not to pay for medicine or electricity.

I think the lack of stress is helping just as much as anything else.

I don’t have to call my dad or sister every month and ask for money. And then have them say they wish they could, but just couldn’t spare anything.

I am very very thankful for the change in my life lately.

I’m going to be 24 soon. I haven’t done a thing with my life since I was twenty. It’s very hard for me because I have always been an overachiever. I went from having a full time job, a part time job, and going to school full time to nothing.

I want to finish school so bad it hurts. But I also don’t want to push myself too hard too soon. My doctors say I just need to focus on my health at the moment.

I’m thinking that if I feel up to it, I may take a couple art class at my community college this summer. Just to get back into thing.

My posts always get off subject.

ANYways, Im amazed……


5 Responses

  1. I know money is an issue at this moment but you would feel so much better if you took a nutritional suppliment. When you feed your body the nutrients it needs every day you will be surprised how your body reacts. We can not get all of the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins and phytonutrients the body needs every day.

  2. I do take them. Thanks 🙂

  3. Wow! $2.10???? Even with insurance, I have still paid lots more than that for my methotrexate and predinsone. That is excellent news.

    It is difficult to give your body time to heal. I know. I want everything to happen fast. Sending good thoughts for patience that all will come when it is time.

  4. i was diagnosed with RA at 24…10 years ago. good luck…mine was worse then and very under control now!

  5. It’s great that you have SSDI now. I, too, have it, and it really takes the edge off of things. I will never part with SSDI for anything in the world, as I’m milking it now. My claim is for a congenital disability I grew up with. My developmental disability made it hard for me to seek and keep a job.

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