Things I can do now that I couldnt six months ago

Stand up long enough to make a sandwich

Sleep on my side a few hours a night.

Lay on my stomach

Carry my 15 lb dog across the apartment

Blow dry my hair easily

Walk to my car without a break

These are HUGE things to me. Im excited about adding bigger things to this list.


3 Responses

  1. Aren’t these wonderful, simple things to appreciate?
    I remember waking up one night excited that I could pull my the blankets back up over me or when I could sit on the floor and get up without having two people help me. So many little things in life we take for granted until they are gone. I am really happy for you!!!

  2. Ashley –

    This is awesome. I am scared about what will become of me with RA. I have an 8 year old and a 3 month old and I just want to be able to continue to give them 100%, especially the baby. I am afraid of where I will be in 10 years and whether I will be able to give him the time, strength and energy I gave his brothers.

    You are an inspiration.


    • I am convinced that its all about being on the best medication as soon as possible. And there are some amazing medications and treatments coming out in the next few years. In the next ten years, this might all just seem like a bad dream. I’ll write my next posts on some of the upcoming treatments Ive read about. ”

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