They said no

They said no.

They said no!

They said I’m too young. I always get that excuse.

They said they want to delay it as long as possible because replacements don’t last long and I’m only twenty four.

They said they want to wait a few more years! They said if I was older they would schedule me immediately.

They said that my knees are bone on bone and that it has locked them into place. Therapy wont get them any straighter.

And they still want to wait years.

They want me to sit in this apartment for YEARS! Rotting away. Wasting my life. Waiting to get OLDER so they can replace my knees then.

This was my last shot.


I give up. I give up. I don’t know what else there is.

I thought for sure it would happen. I feel like I’ve been kicked in my stomach.  I feel devastated. I am beyond devastated. There is no word for what I am right now.


2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure if you have an HMO or not but if you do DEMAND a second opinion…they are doing replacements on younger people then you.

    Even if they didn’t do a total replacement isn’t a partial an option.

    Find another doctor…and ADVOCATE for yourself.

    Soft squishy (((hugs))) I can understand how frustrated you must be feeling right now.

  2. Thats bogus. Why is it up to them, if this is something you want and need so badly? Can you switch to another doctor who might consider it?

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