Check, Check , Check

I’ve been making my way down the pre-surgery check list. Every time I get one thing checked off, it seems like another item is added.

Wednesday I had a dental appointment and have been cleared.

My Rheumatologist called and said she wanted updated X-rays of my neck. It has given me problems in the past. It hasn’t happened since I’ve been on steroids for the last year and a half, but it used to get stiff and stuck in place. It got so bad I couldn’t swallow food sometimes. She wants to make sure it will be ok if I need to be intubated.

This morning I went to the joint replacement seminar the hospital makes everyone attend before their surgeries. There were five of us. All woman. I was the only one under sixty. The very end of the seminar was a bit of a blur for me though. I had taken some pain medsso I would be able to even make it to the room, and I only managed to get down half a cup of yogurt before my stomach rebelled. I spent the last twenty minutes with a very nauseated stomach. I just sat there trying not to puke. Every timethey were about to let out one of the ladies would start chatting about goats and other such things. The bile finally decided it would be held back no more and I popped out of my seat and was out the door faster than I had moved all month! I heard one of the woman say ” I guess the class is over. She just got up and left!”

I can tell the care in the hospital would be great. The bathroom was down a very long corridor and a nurse asked me if I was ok. I told her I was going to be sick. She grabbed a wheelchair, sat me in it, wheeled me to the restroom and waited outside with crackers and a cup of water. Very very sweet. I was so embarrassed. Stupid pain meds. There was no other option though. It has now been over a month without Enbrel or methotrexate.

I had almost forgotten how far along I had come withthe drugs. I had almost forgot what it felt like to be at the mercy R.A. with no meds. After this surgery, I don’t ever want to go without again. Lol.

Tuesday I have an appointment with my Rheummy to get cleared by her. She will have to check out the Xrays.

Wednesday is the cardiologist. Then I will have to pre-register a week before the surgery. So it’s looking like it will be the 13th.

I’m beyond excited. The seminar freaked me out a bit, but only because I’m terrified of hospitals and Iv’s and needles. Ugh. But other than that, it’s on.

P.S. I want to thank everyone for the comments and encouragement.  And if anyone else has surgery advice to offer, please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t have knee replacement advice but I did have an elbow surgery less than a year ago. If IV’s are an issue ask them to numb the area before they stick you. You will feel a little pinch and then nothing when they put the IV in. I’m the biggest sissy when it comes to needles and this makes it a total breeze.

    Other than that I have no advice. I think it’s great that you are getting so close. While it may take awhile after the surgery to recoup, I think your well on your way to feeling better.

  2. I tried to be a funny bugger because I was feeling great and backed off my meds if thinking that perhaps, somehow, I was cured.
    Wrong move, within a week I was heading to where I had come from.
    It took six weeks after that stint to stabilize again.

    Best of luck with what is before you.

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