The beginning

Well there is less than twelve hours left until my surgery. I think I have everything taken care of. My bed is still too low, but other than that, my apartment is completely ready for me.

I haven’t had to do much to prepare.

The surgeon prescribed me two different medications for today and I’ve had to take Tylenol every six hours. No big deal. I’m all packed and ready.

I’m still not particularly nervous. There are a few parts of the hospital stay that I’m not looking forward to. Cough cough catheter cough. But really there is no doubt in my mind that this will be an improvement.

I’m mostly just scared of the I.V. My irrational fear of needles is rearing it’s ugly head. It’s so bad that I almost don’t want the surgery. Lol. Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing ever?! They can hack into my knee all they want but a needle? No! It’s near torture. Meh. I sure I will get over it though.

I’m sure even knee surgery cant possibly be much worse than what I’ve been feeling the past couple weeks. Yesterday morning I woke up with the usual unbelievable pain in my wrist, fingers, elbows, jaw, knees, and hips. Shifting just a few inches had me crying out. I finally sat up so I could go to the bathroom. It’s took me several minutes to make it to a standing position while putting no weight on my left knee. I went to take my first step and my wrists and elbows were too bad to use my cane. And I couldn’t walk without my cane because of my knees and hips. My wheelchair wont fit in my bedroom because of the furniture. So I just sat down in a sort of stunned disbelief. I thought I had to pee so bad I would burst, but there was literally nothing I could do. So I sat back down took another vicodin and waited an hour in misery.

Situations like that just reinforce the fact that Im making the right decision with surgery. And I think that’s why Im not nervous.

Eleven more hours!



I pre registered for my total knee replacement surgery yesterday. Just six more days! They drew some blood, took some xrays and sent me on my way.

There seemed to be alot of  mis communication between the doctor’s office and the hospital though. But in all fairness, my doctor wasn’t in town yesterday and I knew that. So they were mostly communicating through secretaries.

But the hospital didn’t have a copy of the E.K.G. I had done a couple of weeks ago. They also had the right leg down for the first replacement. That was also my fault. It’s up to me and I hadn’t given them a definite answer. But I’m sure now. They need to cut this left knee out soon! Lol. I’m hating it more and more. Everyday I have to go without medication is beginning to take it’s toll. I’ve been almost completely wheelchair bound for the last couple days.

Good thing I have a handicap accessible apartment! It’s going to be such a help after the surgery. It’s already fitted with bars and everything you can imagine. I could live from this wheelchair at this point.

The only thing I’m beginning to worry about is the fact that I have a platform bed so it sits much lower that normal beds. It’s been hard to get out of lately.  I need to figure something out in the next couple days.

I’m still not nervous in the slightest.

It’s a go

Ok, everything is set and my surgery date will be April 27th.

They will be doing my left knee first. My right knee is actually a bit worse, but doesn’t hurt as much as my left knee. My rheummy said it was because the right one is more chronic whereas the left one is still active.

The  twenty seventh feels like a really long time from now. But they only do the surgeries on Mondays and he wont be available on the twentieth. Everybody keeps asking me if I’m nervous. Honestly I’m not. At least yet. I’m sure it will come later but right now, I’mjust ready to get it over with.

Lack of medication is really really getting to me. My hips are aching almost constantly now. Laying, sitting, standing. It’s all bad right now. Joints that haven’t hurt since I started Enbrel are becoming problematic again. My elbows and fingers and wrist. Even my jaw aches in the morning.

It’s amazing. I had almost forgotten how bad this used to be. We become accustomed to one level of pain so easily. I know one thing, after my surgeries, I never ever want to be without my medication again. It really is a miracle.

Anyways, I just wanted to write a short update. I’mgoing to try and be pretty thorough with my posts from now on. So I can have the whole thing documented.