New Knee Part 2

I keep catching myself grinning when I get out of bed and walk. Every once in a while a small giggle escapes. I have even stood in the middle of the room and balanced on one leg. Because I can. And now that I can get in and out of bed by myself, I find myself doing so more than I probably should.

I have a straight knee. I don’t know if there is anyone in the world who can possibly understand how much it means to me. For years now, my knees have been deformed and bent. As a consequence, I haven’t even been able to stand straight for a very long time now. So I’ve looked something like this…untitled1

Now I have one straight leg and will have another one in just a week and a half! My pain level has already dropped dramatically. If it wasn’t for my other knee, I would be all over the place.

I’ve been progressing in physical therapy. I’ve lined up an exercise bike from a friend of a friend. My exercise options are very limited after surgery. And not just immediately after. From now on. No running, jumping, skipping, etc. Biking and swimming are my only real options. Fortunately, I enjoy both more than anything else anyway.

I just feel like such a load is being lifted. I’m still in a bit of shock. Do you know how it feels when you are standing and you lock your knees? I did that yesterday and it just felt so weird to me because it’s probably been three or four years since I’ve done that. Such a little thing. But I was so excited. I told everyone who I talked to.

This is the best decision I’ve ever made. Im so ready for the other knee. Then nothing will hold me back!

I have couple of pics of my knee. Ignore the rubber chicken in the first pic. It was the day of the surgery, and it was a gift. I was a bit out of it and found it funnier than I should have. The second pic was taken yesterday.





4 Responses

  1. What a great attitude, I have no doubt you are going to have a speedy recovery! Keep us posted, please.

  2. Your leg looks great. And your humor and optimism are contagious. Thanks for making me smile with your success. ~Kelly

  3. Hey-I’ve just found your blog, and very happy to! Congrats on the surgery, and thanks for writing about it so candidly. I look forward to reading more and hearing how the 2nd goes…

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. It sounds like you did make the right decision and getting your knee replaced.
    Thanks for keeping me (all of us) posted.

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