I had a follow up appointment with my Rheumatologist today. Everyone was so excited about my knee! Im on week eleven without my R.A. meds with the exception of Prednisone. And it will be at least four more weeks.

It’s been so worth it.

Now that my most painful knee is out of the equation, I’m handling the rest relatively well. It’s hard to be annoyed at the morning stiffness when my new knee is coming along so nicely.

I was a bit naughty and drove myself to the doctor. I’ve been told driving was out of the question, but my left knee was the one operated on and I don’t use that leg when driving anyway.

On my way home it finally hit me. What a miracle this new knee is. And I started bawling like a little baby. I had to pull over. It’s like I could actually feel the weight coming off my shoulders. I have never cried out of happiness or relief, but today I did.

Only two weeks after surgery and Im already getting around on my own. And that’s with just one good knee and no meds!

I cant even imagine how amazing I’m going to feel in another couple of months. It’s so close.


6 Responses

  1. How awesome technology is these days, huh? Just reading your post I could sit here and cry.

    I’m so glad that after only 2 weeks you are doing so well. Here’s hoping the next one goes as smoothly.

    11 weeks without RA meds…you are my hero. I would be a bawling mess by this point!!

  2. This is so great to read. Clearly, this was the right choice, and bravo to you for making it….and making it 11 weeks without meds. crazy!

  3. If I ever cross this same bridge in the future, I will no doubt remember your experience as a motivational one; I have seen knee surgeries in my immediate family and I know how tough the recovery can be at times. I’m so glad to hear things are moving along well.

  4. awesome!

  5. What great news! I can tell by your posts that you are thrilled.
    Heres to even better days ahead.

  6. So glad to see that things are going well with the new knee. And it is always okay to cry. I know that feeling when all the stress and worry had come to a halt and that feeling of everything worked out comes out. I hope that it only keeps getting better. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis a few months back and some days are better than others, but I have been having a bad flare up and those are the days when I am my worst. I know that there will be no cures for these conidtions in our lifetimes, I just pray that the cures will be available so that our children do not have to suffer as we do.

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