The Next Knee

I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon. My knee is looking great. I’ve been getting around without the walker and now I’m back to my trusty cane.

I looked like a complete goob today but couldn’t make myself care less. I got the usual stares that seem to accompany me wherever I go, but I can’t even blame them this time. First of all, my gait is completely hilarious. Since I have one straight leg and one bent leg, I’m looking a bit like this:

pppppTo compensate for the height difference, I now have to stand on my tip toes on my right leg. And since my knee replacement was only two weeks ago, Im still a bit wobbly. I feel like a new born horse. When they’re all shaky and unsure of themselves.

In addition to my lovely physique, I had a decidedly unusual fashion delimma. After surgery they make you wear these super tight bright white stockings to prevent clots. I have to wear them literally all the time with the exception of showers. So this morning I realized that I couldn’t wear jeans wince the surgeon would want to examine my knees.

My wardrobe is very small at the moment because of the steroid weight I’ve gained. I don’t own a dress that fits at the moment, so my only option was a pair of green cargo-esque capri pants. Over my white stockings. With a pair of sparkly black slippers since my usual flip flops weren’t an option, and my feet have been too swollen for normal shoes.

It was pretty funny.

But I found out my second surgery wont be until June 1st. It was a bit disappointing. It’s going to make physical therapy an issue since I only get so many visits a year covered on my insurance. Not only that, but it will be an additional three weeks with no R.A. meds. Ugh. Ugh. Double Ugh.

But the longer I think about it, the more I think it will be for the best. My left leg should be stronger so it should make the recovery that much easier.

The reason they are delaying is because they want to make sure the left leg is completely healed because of the infection risk. My silly immune system would not be helpful. And I know what a big deal an infection can be. One of my closest friends had her knees replaced when she was nineteen. She had leukemia and all the medications and steroids destroyed her joints. When she had her knees replaced, one got infected. And it was not good. So even though I’m disappointed my surgery wont be next Monday, I can see why they’re waiting. If it wasn’t for Memorial Day, I could get in a week sooner. But what can you do?

Anyways, I’m pretty upbeat today, it felt so good to be out of the apartment. Everything is so green. Im missing so many lovely photo opportunities! At least it’s for a good reason.


2 Responses

  1. I can almost feel the sunshine coming off you! You seem so happy in this post. Yay!!!

  2. Sounds like you are well on your way! so awesome.

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