I can walk.

I’m moving around so well. Even with one good knee. It’s been four and a half weeks since my total knee replacement. And just a few more days until my next one.

My life has already changed drastically. Anyone looking in from the outside might not think that’s the case. But everyday I get out of bed I’m amazed. Every time I walk a hundred feet I am amazed. Every time I can stand more than thirty seconds I am amazed.

The pain I used to have in my left knee was so unbearable that the knee replacement surgery felt like a vacation! I told everyone that I would take knee replacement surgery over the arthritis pain any day.

Today I met my neighbor. A sweet little lady who lives next door. She has some mobility issues also, and my brother takes her trash out and helps her with little things when she needs them. I’ve gotten out so little in the past eleven months we’ve lived here, that I had never once met her. She said she saw me out yesterday and today and that something amazing must have happened.

And it has. Just the fact that I could stand long enough to have a five minute conversation could never have happened before.

My legs have been in such bad shape that it is making the recovery a long and hard process, but one that I am jumping into wholeheartedly.

Every part of my legs from my hips to the soles of my feet have been affected.  And I have been working so hard at getting back into shape. I already have a range of motion of 115 degrees. My doctor eventually wants me at 120 degrees, so I’m almost there.

My right knee is the only thing holding me back. Monday is the day. After Monday I wont have to be ashamed and embarrassed when people look at me. Kids wont stop and stare. People wont come up to me and asked me whats wrong with my knees.

I put on a pair of jeans last week. It was so amazing. I looked down and I had a knee that looked completely normal. It looked like everyone elses.

My stitches were removed a few days ago. My scar in very thin. And much smaller than I was expecting. I thought my days of shorts and cure little dresses were over. No sir. Once Im able to loose this Prednisone weight, I’m going to go nuts! Do you know how hard it is to shop for clothes that work around bent and deformed knees? Its hard. Trust me.

I’m still so happy. I had what should have been a terrible past few days. My doc forgot to call in my pain meds over the weekend. My R.A. is still very active in my other joints since I’m still of my R.A. meds. I was pulled over because my break lights were broken and I got a ticket. And that was some of the milder problems, but I’m still on too big of a high from this miracle of a knee. It’s given me a different outlook. It’s something I hope I don’t lose.  I cant stay upset too long.

Is there anyone who can appreciate walking as much as I do right now? It hardly seems possible.


6 Responses

  1. Awesome News! You worked hard for this. Enjoy it!

  2. I completely understand how you feel. Glad to hear that you are keeping up with your rehab! That is what is going to help in the long run…

  3. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
    It is fun to rejoice with you!

  4. What great news!

    You are such an inspiration, really. Thank you for allowing us to share in your progress and hope; it definitely provided the upper that I needed this evening.

  5. I can feel the excitement in your voice. I’m so glad that this is working out so well for you.

    Keep us updated we love to hear how well you are doing!

  6. I think that I am speaking for everyone here when I say, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well.

    You really can hear the excitement in your post.

    I saw a man with a prosthetic leg at a major retail store yesterday and I bet he thought the same thing you did…can anyboy appreciate walking more than me right now.

    Thanks for keeping the posts up-to-date. I look forward to hearing about your 2nd knee.

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