The Joys of Medication

Its been almost two weeks since I have been allowed to start taking my R.A. meds again. Namely methotrexate and Humira. I’ve had two doses of Methotrexate and one of Humira. This is my first attempt at Humira though. But I’m already loving the fact that I only have to have the injection every two weeks instead of weekly.

I’m already feeling improvements in my hands, wrists, and elbows. I still have three stubborn fingers, but they should get better with time. I know there are alotof people who hate the idea of taking these types of medication. In fact, at least one rude man likes to write to me occasionallyabout the evils of medication, etc. But the fact of the matter is, that after four years of this disease, I know what works for my body. And the only thing that has ever worked for me is the medication.

My father is a huge believer in alternative medicine. Overbearingly so. I have tried many many many things. I have tried almost anything you could possibly think of. Everyone’s body is different and everyone has the right to seek whatever means available to them for treatment. I would never tell anyone who is fighting R.A. holistically that it is useless and a waste of energy and money. Because it does wonders for some people. But it’s not for everyone. Just like pharmaceuticals aren’t for everyone.

I’ve had to argue the point with my Dad until it’s become a sore subject. It’s also an issue online. Bottom line is that I know my body. I know what has given me relief. And I know what hasn’t. I have never had a single negative reaction from any medication in the past four years. (Besides weight gain) So maybe I’m biased, but I’m throwing my towel in with the side that helps me feel less pain. Period. And I don’t regret it. If some of the people who talk down at me for my preference spent one days in my shoes, they might think differently too. 🙂

In other news, it’s been three weeks since my right knee replacement. It is finally starting to get straight! Slowly but surely. Tomorrow I have my follow up appointment and should be able to have my stitches removed. Walkingis still difficult because of my hip pain, but I have an appointment with my Rheummy on Tuesday. As my grandfather would say, I have “a touch” of bursitis in the ole hip. So a shot may fix me up nicely.

My left knee is doing fantastically. I have full range of motion, and have regained alot of strength. I’ve been Miderma-ing the hell out of the scar. There still have not been any complications in the slightest. I know alot of people have had it rough with their joint replacements, so believe me, I know how lucky I am.

So I’ve made a list of three health goals for this summer.

1)Do well enough in rehab so that I can take some art classes at the community college this Fall. Getting back to school has been my one big goal since I was forced to quit. I know Fall will be too soon for the University, but I think slowly readjusting back to school life through the community college will be good.

2)Get my hip pain under control. It’s the only thing holding me back now.

3)Get completely off the Prednisone, and start losing some of the weight I’ve gained. Two years of non stop high doses of steroids= roughly eighty five extra pounds. I still can’t stand to look in the mirror, so it’s good to know that I’m at the end of the hell that is Prednisone.

I think they’re realistic goals. I have complete faith in myself. Even if I cant accomplish all three, it wont be from lack of trying. That’s for sure.


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  1. I find it interesting that people are still giving you a hard time about taking medication after having to have joint replacements. Honestly, no one could convince me not to, not after having to replace joints. For me it is about quality of life. I’m not going to worry about future issues because they don’t matter if I can’t live my life right now, you know?

  2. You have just about said everything I’ve been trying to put into words for a year or so – I’m going to just link to this on my blog to save myself the trouble! ;o)

  3. […] say regarding my feelings about medication! So instead of saying it, I’ll just post a link. Here it is. […]

  4. Only you know what you need and what works for you. Best wishes for your summer health goals!

  5. Wishing you all the strength and luck in the world, achieving your goals!

  6. Many studies are coming out that say that early and aggressive treatment is the best way to tackle this rotten disease.
    This is so important in the early stages to stop damage taking place.
    People who do not have this disease are in no position to be lecturing except of coarse, those that are trained professionals.

    • You are so right Stephen! My one piece of advice to anybody who is recently diagnosed would be that exactly! Get on the right medication, and do it quickly! Unfortunately, due to lack of insurance, money, or family contribution, it wasnt in the cards for me.

  7. i get sooo much crap from people for being in the drug study that i’m in. mostly i hear it about the “possible side effects”. well, they are really no different than the side effects of other drugs i’ve tried. the big difference is that this study drug by pfizer corp actually works!

    so, bring on the unwanted opinions and then lets see what they say now that i can go for bike rides with my husband and kids again, walk 2 miles round trip with my students to thier field day and play soccer and tennis while i’m there, run up and down the stairs again, and walk around on the grass, hardwoods, and ceramic tiles barefoot.

    i looked into holistic treatment and even the ayervedic doc i see occasionally told me to go to a rhumatologist and get on meds. he said that he could treat the pain, tiredness, and all the other 2nd-line stuff but he could not make the actual disease better. he made it clear that nothing he did could prevent joint damage. only medications for ra could do that. so i take my wonderful study drug and it works!

    but i’m also on a holistic path…no dairy, no gluten, taking fish oils, taking liver cleansing herbs &folate to combate side effects of the meds, and taking selenium, magnesium, and potassium which i found out are deleated in ra patients. and that is helping to. my next goal is to purchase p-90x and get thru the whole 90 days!

    i’m so glad for you and your new knees!

  8. Nice article. It reflects the feelings of a arthritis patient. You are expressing well.

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