Back On

Today I was finally able to start all my R.A. meds again. After fifteen weeks without anything but Prednisone, I am thrilled.

I had to stop everything before my first surgery. And since everything kept getting delayed, it meant more time without my meds. It was still worth it. My two most painful joints have been replaced.

The last fifteen weeks have not been easy though. Most mornings I wake up to a stiff and painful jaw, hands that cant even make fists, wrist that feel like they will snap, and elbows that are so painful, they keep me up at night. They are both stuck in a bent position, similar to what my knees were. On top of that, I have two hips that never give me a moments rest.

Most of these joints were reasonably well managed when I was on all my medication. So to say Im thrilled to be going back on is a bit of an understatement.

I find it so odd that something I was terrified of taking in the beginning is something I am ecstatic to take again. With all the side effect warnings, I was sort of scared at first. Now I know the relief that they can offer. And I’ve never had any sort of negative reaction to anything I’ve taken in the last four years.

Im most excited about the fact that I will be able to slowly come off of Prednisone. After two years of continuous use, I am very ready to get off of it. Until I started Prednisone regularly, my weight was always in the 130’s range. Not the case anymore. So Im almost as excited about the lack of Prednisone as I am about my new knees.¬† ūüôā


Rheumatoid arthritis and Dieting VI

I haven’t updated my blog about my weight loss for one reason only. I cant loose any. When I dropped my steroid dose to almost nothing I lost 11 pounds immediately. They fell off. Since then I have not lost a single pound. Not a single stickin pound. I weigh myself every morning. And every morning it says the same damn thing. I haven’t actually gained anymore but that’s hardly enough to console me right now. And even though the puffiness in my face and double chin( its a family thing!) is almost gone, my stretch marks still continue to increase.

My new doctor lifted up my arm and pointed at my stretchmarks and said it was just because of the prednisone. I asked her if there was anything I could do about the weight. I’ve been dieting for months. I’ve been eating an ungodly amount of fruits and vegetables. Practically drowning myself in water. I’ve been swimming several times a week. I had six weeks of physical therapy, and not a single pound is gone!

She said there’s really not much to be done. She said it can take up to nine months after you are completely off the steroids to start loosing weight. Every time I feel like I get close to a goal, another longer one comes along.

I think I want to go back to the awful doctor I went to when I first got sick.  At least I could get some diet pills. Bleh. But I know, I know. There is no easy fix. Im just extremely extremely disappointed. It was a bad visit altogether.

I had a visit with my endochronologist about my thyroid. It went from being a bit undersized to a bit oversized. But he still dosnt think its bad enough to be on medication for. He dosnt think it’s affecting my weight. So I dont know what the problem is. Surely it shouldnt take this long to loose weight. I dont know what else to do.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dieting V

I’ve lost another six and a half pounds. Yay for me. I started a juicing routine. My dad does it whenever he wants to loose weight. He lost eighty pounds a few years ago with it.

I can loose a pound a day when I stick to it regularly. It is a very good way to cleanse.

So here’s what I put in the juice. I have the perfect formula. I finally got it to where I don’t have to choke it down while trying not to vomit.

Here’s what I use. And some links to the health benefits.

I use 2 green apples. 2 red.

1 Large beet. Stems and all.

1and a 1/2 to 2 pounds of carrots

Half a bunch of fresh spinach

2 lemons

This makes about 32 ounces of juice. I really should do it at least twice a day. But I usually only manage once. Its good to have before a meal. It fills you up more.¬†Celery and cucumbers are also really good to juice with. But they’re both too hard on my upchuck reflex. So I leave them out.

Total weight lost= 10.5 pounds

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dieting IV

Ok, I’m aware that this is hardly worth posting. But I am excited.

I have been pretty much sticking to¬†a diet. And while I have still not lost any weight, I finally stopped gaining!!!!!! Which is huge. I’m so glad to be almost rid of this evil foul horrible medicine. Damn it for being so effective though.

Total weight gain in 10 months= 84 pounds. I wonder if I can lose it all in the same amount of time. I feel like thats a reasonable goal. Wish me luck!

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dieting III

I thought I’d ask my doctor about my diet, and how nothing seems so be working. I’ve gained another couple pounds. She said, there’s really nothing I can do about it until the prednisone has been out of my body for awhile. Even though I’m down to 5 mg, it hasn’t been for long, and since I was on such a high dose for so long, etc. etc. etc.

Basically she said just to wait a month or two, and then maybe I’ll be able to loose some weight. So I’m not going to eat carrots all day, if Im still going to¬†gain weight regardless. I’ll¬†try again soon. I still follow a very healthy meal plan though. I always have.¬†

Oh, and she said physical therapy would help. Im sure it would.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dieting II

I’ve actually managed to gain another seven pounds.

Skirts are no longer an option because the stretch marks are now very bad behind my knees and now reach half way down my calves.

I no longer own a bra that fits. I never thought I’d be annoyed by rapidly expanding breast. If it wasn’t for the stretch marks I wouldn’t be.

I am now down to 5 mg of Prednisone and I am miserable. I cant move. I hurt. And I’m heavy. So far the diet has not been successful. I’m going to keep trying.

I have a doctors appointment in a couple days. I cant wait to hear about all the things I cant afford to do.

On a lighter note, my feet stopped swelling.


Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dieting

I may be getting ahead of myself (¬†I’m still at a 7.5 mg prednisone dose)¬†but I started my diet again. It’s very simple and it always works. The first two weeks are really just about cleansing. I’m allowed water, carrots, apples, and black beans. I picked carrots and apples because they’re cheap and it’s about the only thing I can handle for that long. Especially the carrots. After awhile you don’t even taste them. Anyways, the black beans are great for protein. I wouldn’t want to make myself sick.

When I first got sick, and after I started my first found of steroids, I complained to my doctor about the weight I was putting on.¬†She was very sympathetic. Said she understood, and to my surprise she wrote me¬†a prescription for some heavy duty dieting pills. Then she told me to take advantage of them because she only gave me¬†enough for two weeks. She said to just eat a little something in the morning. Maybe a pop tart or¬†toast, and then the pills should curb my diet. That’s right. An actual medical doctor told me to eat a pop tart and then starve myself. I was working at¬†a nursing school at the time. Oh man, was my boss pissed when I asked her about it. She told me on no uncertain terms, that it would be ridiculous to listen to the doctors advice. She told me not to even fill the script.

I wasn’t going to. Until I couldn’t even fit into the bigger size pants I had bought, and¬†I was getting tired of the looks I was getting at the¬†pub where I worked.¬†Well I went for it. I only had enough for two weeks. And man, it worked. I lost all the weight plus some.¬†I got alot of compliments. Made me feel good. Then I was at work at the school and started getting¬†very dizzy all the time. And I actually blacked out. Very scary. It lasted all of 3 seconds, but it was obviously a really stupid thing to do to yourself.

I knew it was at the time. ¬†I just felt like with my body rebelling against itself, the least I could do was keep it looking normal. Well this diet works alot better. Ive done it a few times in the past. Only once while on steroids though and that was the only time it hasn’t worked. It was a few months ago and I was still on a 20 mg a day prednisone dose, and after two weeks this diet I still managed to gain 10 pounds. Yea, that was a low point.

So I’m still on 7.5 mg, but I’ve got to try something. I’m miserable. So we’ll see if this helps any.¬† I’ll keep it posted.