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I’m in much better spirits after a great holiday with my family. I had a really good Christmas. One of the best in years. All of my sibling made it, which hasn’t happened in many a moon.

I’ve started taking Lyrica and am shocked by how well I’ve slept the past couple of nights. It’s a drastic difference. I’ve been taking Ambien to try and help but it just wasnt cutting it. I havent had such a solid nights sleep in a very long time.

I’m working on getting my Humira through a assistance program.

But I’m still stuck on the custom orthopedic insoles. I’ve tried several kinds off the shelf, and several months ago I bought an expensive pair of shoes but nothing has cut it. I really don’t know what to do about it.

My last post was just me at a very low point. I’m sure everyone reading this understands how difficult it is to always be fighting. Sometimes it just feels like the whole world is trying to bring you down. Insurance companies, pharmacies, and your own body. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t take another blow and I dont want to fight anymore. I get tired of struggling just to have enough to eat every month. Let alone come up with seven hundred dollars for something  to stop the pain.

But my happy tank is pretty full now after seeing my family. It’s a bit cheesy and the cynic in me usually balks at such sentimentality, but I enjoyed myself anyway.

I hope everyone else had a great holiday!

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  1. Don’t get discouraged and well, the rest of us RA’ers get it. Lyrica was wonderful for me but I could not afford it so I ended up going with something else which is not as wonderful. Sometimes, that is life. Hang in there kiddo. Glad to hear your Christmas was great.

  2. Whenever I was faced with problems, my mom always said, “everything happens for a reason.” Drove me batsh*t. But you know? As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to understand her meaning. It’s not so much that problems and hardships are preordained, but that we adapt and learn as they occur, and we somehow manage to come out the other side with new wisdom and experience.

    Maybe that’s the reason.

    Anyway, don’t apologize for feeling overwhelmed and getting blue over it. No one expects constant stoicism; we all have times when we’re just done in. But it’s generally temporary. After a while, when it’s clear that being down in the dumps isn’t solving the problem, we move on. That’s human. And it’s much more pleasant to smile and laugh than frown and cry.

    I’m glad your Christmas went so well, and that you’re resting better. Here’s hoping that the New Year brings solutions — or alternatives to what appear at the moment to be the only answers.

    Thinking of you…

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